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how to create meta tags

  meta tags really need to blog / website to make the site became popular in the search enggin, have a website or blog, but rarely visitor,almost all just there having problems the lack of traffic, one way to increase traffic or visitors is to optimize your keyword tags or seo (search enggin optimization)
meta tag is a html code installed on your blog / website that provides you information about your site to search enggin.dengan the meta tag is likely your site will be indexed by search enggin. meta tag keywords of your site is also important, keywords are the names or keywords typed in by prospective visitors to your blog in the search box (search enggin) The following is a meta tag in pairs on your blog  

<title> free blogger templates</ title>  
<meta name="robot"conten="index,follow"/>
<meta name="description"conten="deskripsi anda"/> blog <meta name="keyword"content="keyword1,keyword2,keyword3"/>
  1. For tag titile replace the red with the title of your site
  2. When meta description ubuhlah the red color with your site, if you are confused about the description of     your site use this
    "Http://www.google.com/search?hl=id&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla% 3Aid% 3Aofficial & q = site% 3A.freebtemplat.blogspot.com & btnG = Search & lr ="
    not using quotation marks description tag can not be longer than 200 characters to maximize the search in the search enggin to your site.
  3. To keyword tags to change the color of red with your keyword. 

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