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Create a fake account mutation

Making False Evidence

Today, on the internet many websites that offer products with accompanying evidence of the success of the owner of the product and its members. But, you know. If the owner of the products lie?.

Let `s Begin!

The ways and tricks used by the owner of the webiste is very easy.
1. Go to the website on the internet that use "mutation accounts" as evidence
success. (use mozilla firefox)
Example website:

2. after entry into the website:
on left on mozilla firefox. Click file> save page as> Save.

3. After the save is complete. You will get 2 different files. First: web interface.
Second: (namaweb) _FILES. Go to (namaweb) _FILES.

4. You will find various files there. open air one by one file icon
Mozilla firefox / internet explorer.

5. You'll find a mutation at a UK bank account icon.

6. The next step is, download free NVU in www.nvu.com

7. install, and after install, open file transfer account earlier.

8. After that, save the file. And This is the result!
Do not be quick to believe in others. There is no program, which can prove whether or not a proof of the original. whether or not a proof. So, be careful!

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